CPR for Friday, April 9, 2010

Smart phones could pose trouble, privacy watchdog says
Montreal Gazette
Jennifer Stoddart was in town yesterday to speak at the annual Boule de cristal conference organized by the Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal at

Donation requests should be stopped
Commissioner Gary Dickson is absolutely correct when he notes that the decision will undermine public confidence in the ambitious electronic health records

Saskatchewan government amends patient privacy rules to allow …
The Canadian Press
Gary Dickson, the province’s information and privacy commissioner, said while he hasn’t seen all the new regulations, he’s concerned that this type of

BC’s information and privacy commissioner’s term set to expire on April 12
At that time, Paul Fraser will have held the role of acting commissioner for 20 sitting days of the legislature, the amount of time that the Freedom of

Ombudsman stepping down early
Bernard Richard told the Telegraph-Journal this week he has submitted notice of his resignation to the legislature, but won’t officially leave his job until

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