CPR for Monday, May 3, 2010

Facebook, privacy advocates square off over what’s public and …
Vancouver Sun
The phrase ‘privacy by design’ is a concept Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian came up with back in the ’90s and suggests that privacy assurance

Erasing Your Digital Tracks on the Web
PC World
Luckily for you, Websites and virtually every company and government agency in the world have user agreements and privacy statements that explain exactly

Facebook Instant Personalization Protested By EFF, MoveOn.org
|The Electronic Frontier Foundation put up a timeline showing the social network company’s regression in privacy practices. The protests by the EFF and

Senators ask FTC to probe Facebook, issue privacy rules for all social media
San Francisco Chronicle
Four senators amped up the criticism that Facebook Inc. is not doing enough to give its 400 million users easier ways to protect their privacy online. Sen.

5 Ways Facebook Should Improve User Privacy
PC World
Whenever Facebook introduces new services, especially those that expand into other parts of the Web, it doesn’t take long before privacy advocates and users

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