CPR for Thursday, June 3, 2010

From the CPR tweetstream (@cproundup):

  • Yahoo faces privacy test with new e-mail features bit.ly/aEgmnP
  • Podcast: Trusting Facebook and Google with privacy – ZDnet – bit.ly/cObiqO
  • Facebook CEO Sweats Site’s Privacy Issues at D8 – PCWorld bit.ly/aMyqix
  • Official News Release: Privacy Commissioner investigates Google WiFi data collection – bit.ly/9DYUoa
  • NOW Magazine // The fight against Facebook bit.ly/bBHwoZ
  • Canada probes Google on wireless data collection | Reuters bit.ly/d4QkbL
  • Google Wants to Know Where You Are : Discovery News bit.ly/cp0OOu
  • “Google in a nutshell: The creepy peeping company.” | Montreal Examiner | bit.ly/arlAoR
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority not forced to disclose legal fees for ER death inquest bit.ly/d71CNr

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