News for April 2, 2013

  • Government Fights for Use of Spy Tool That Spoofs Cell Towers.
  • New Credit Score Android App Works Well but Raises Privacy Concerns
  • Only 24% of children’s apps provide privacy policy information.
  • Privacy taking a backseat? Adware on Android on the rise –
  • Study Finds Apple iOS Apps Leak More Personal Info Than Android
  • When you check in, your privacy may check out –
  • Tech privacy: Saying one thing and doing another, plus when old phones won’t wipe and GPS anklets fail
  • Your Smartphone Is Tracking You In Ways You’ve Never Imagined –
  • Google and privacy: 6 EU countries take action –
  • Head of privacy at Google leaves. Yes, that’s a real job • You will be put in charge instead. No, really
  • Simons: Supreme Court sends right message on texting privacy
  • Federal Information commissioner to investigate ‘muzzling’ of federal scientists
  • Limit access to medical records, says N.W.T. privacy watchdog –
  • Top court ruling upholds privacy of e-mail, texts –
  • Alberta doctor suspended for privacy breach: Looked up records of patient she was not treating
  • London Life privacy breach riles city couple –
  • National plan tracks prescription drug use –
  • Supreme Court rules on police powers for snooping on text messages –
  • Did Rihanna breach Alberta privacy laws with stripper pics?
  • Disposable number app gives cellphone users anonymity – Ottawa –
  • Cyber-security: The digital arms trade

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