News for March 19, 2013

  • CIPPIC posts 2 damning affidavits in Voltage v Teksavvy “piracy” fight.
  • Michael Geist – Businesses Think Anti-Spam Law Should Protect Them, Not Consumers.
  • Mobile wallet technology raises privacy, security concerns.
  • Grover Norquist’s latest cause, digital privacy, is a good one.
  • Should you tell stores your ZIP code? Privacy advocates say no.
  • Google testifies to Congress calling for more email privacy, says current law ‘fails’.
  • Bad news for the backchannel sneaks: Days of hiding government-related emails in personal accounts may be ending.
  • Net ‘bat signal’ activated for privacy protests.
  • Minding the little-known pitfalls of data leakage.
  • Ontario Wine Club Ruling Results in No Wine | The Law of Privacy in Canada with Kelly Morris.
  • Internet privacy is dead — film at 11:  Robert X. Cringely.
  • US Justice Department bends on (some) e-mail privacy fixes.
  • Ninth Circuit Rules Reasonable Suspicion of Criminal Activity Required for Forensic Exam of Electronics at Borders.
  • B.C. privacy commissioner probes government’s ethnic vote plan.

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