RCMP files: An outrageous invasion
Montreal Gazette – Montreal,Quebec,Canada
It’s one of tens of thousands of secret files that Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said this week are being kept inappropriately by Canada’s federal

Mounties hiding secret files
London Free Press – Canada
In a special report to Parliament, Jennifer Stoddart says the Mounties broke the law and their own policy by unnecessarily squirrelling away files or

Privacy watchdog red flags secret RCMP databanks
Globe and Mail – Canada
examined by the RCMP as part of an internal review,” privacy commissioner’s Jennifer Stoddart’s office said in a release accompanying the report.

Secret Files on Canadians ‘Disturbing’
AOL Canada – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart told reporters in Ottawa on Wednesday that tens of thousands of files are inappropriately stored in secret RCMP

RCMP Improving Management of Its Exempt Data Banks in Response to
Government of Canada Newsroom (press release) – Ottawa,ON,Canada
data banks by implementing all of the recommendations concerning the banks made by Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart in her report to Parliament.

RCMP culture not mended yet
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has just vindicated Brown’s view with a report that castigates the force for improperly keeping “tens of thousands”

Maisonnueve – Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart conducted a random audit of the RCMP files, concluding that, in thousands of cases, there was no reason for their

Forever in the RCMP files
Globe and Mail – Canada
But it is rather chilling, as Liberal security critic Ujjal Dosanjh suggests, to learn from federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart that the RCMP has

RCMP accused of violating Privacy Act with secret files
Edmonton Journal – Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Jennifer Stoddart made the determination after performing an audit of the RCMP’s two exempt data banks. Exempt data banks, covered under Section 18 of the

Privacy watchdog says RCMP hanging on to private files too long
National Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
OTTAWA — Canada’s privacy chief Jennifer Stoddart says the RCMP is abusing its right to keep some information on individual Canadians totally exempt from

RCMP improperly hiding information in secret data banks: privacy
The Canadian Press –
In a special report to Parliament, Jennifer Stoddart suggests two data banks operated by the Mounties have become uncontrolled hiding places for personal

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