• The genome hacker: Yaniv Erlich shows how research participants can be identified from ‘anonymous’ DNA. http://trl.ca/62 
  • German court says ‘Nein’ to Apple’s ‘global consent’ on Fanbois’ privacy. http://trl.ca/67 
  • Canadian federal privacy watchdog’s Web sweep looks for poor privacy policies. http://trl.ca/66 
  • Online privacy will be obsolete by 2020, predicts RSA chief Art Coviello. http://trl.ca/63 
  • Overt Ops: Why Google Glass is actually the world’s worst surveillance device. http://trl.ca/65 
  • It’s Time to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings (Again). http://trl.ca/64 
  • Is Eye Tracking a Privacy-Invading Technology? http://trl.ca/61 
  • Alberta privacy commissioner Jill Clayton is pushing for amendments to Bill 25. http://trl.ca/60 
  • ‘Big data’ scores enough ones to justify privacy zeroes – “producing enough insights to justify intrusions” http://trl.ca/5z 

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