One Friend Facebook Hasn’t Made Yet: Privacy Rights
New York Times – United States
The issue was presented as one of privacy, which it is, but it is more precisely a matter of what the sociologist Erving Goffman called “identity management

Facebook Privacy Policies Deficient
Trinity Tripod (subscription) – Hartford,CT,USA
Recently, a slew of controversy concerning privacy protection and information saving has befallen the Web site. In November, it was reported that Facebook

Privacy issues at heart of problems Skylar Gremillion
LSU The Reveille – Baton Rouge,LA,USA
Facebook is adamant about protecting the privacy of its users, but the issue at hand is more complex – how much privacy do Facebook, and Internet users in

Is Facebook a privacy concern?
Australian IT – Australia
The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook has sparked spirited debate around the privacy of users, but experts are divided on whether sites

Facebook’s privacy sacrifice
Pace University The Pace Press (subscription) – New York,NY,USA
Without any chance to opt out of this kind of privacy sacrifice, users’ rights are lost somewhere within the thousands of words that compose the partnered

Just An Online Minute… More Privacy Complaints — But Facebook
MediaPost Publications – New York,USA
Confronted with yet another privacy debacle, Facebook this week revised its site to make it easier for members to delete their profiles.

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