• Compliance with U.S. tax law may violate Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms http://trl.ca/l/18c
  • Yes, Google Glass will work with prescription lenses. http://trl.ca/l/18b
  • When Non-Profit Organizations Are Subject to Alberta Privacy Law. http://trl.ca/l/18a
  • BYOD Threats Concern British Privacy Regulator. http://trl.ca/l/189
  • Doctors allowed to give medical files to private firms. http://trl.ca/l/188
  • Mobile Apps Put Users’ Privacy at Risk, EU Regulators Say. http://trl.ca/l/187
  • Public info classed as secret legal advice, Newfoundland and Labrador watchdog says. http://trl.ca/l/186
  • US Senate committee hearings to address drone privacy issues and targeted killings. http://trl.ca/l/185
  • Genetic Alliance Launches Disease Registry, Reg4All. http://trl.ca/l/184
  • Every click you make: feds consider how closely they’ll watch Canadians online. http://trl.ca/l/183
  • I Want Frictionless Privacy. http://trl.ca/l/182
  • Privacy backlash against CISPA U.S. cybersecurity bill gains traction. http://trl.ca/l/181
  • Want your medical records? Be prepared to pay – a lot. http://trl.ca/l/180
  • Privacy audits required of Internet firms. http://trl.ca/l/17z
  • Google Focuses on Privacy After Street View Settlement. http://trl.ca/l/17y
  • Surveillance cameras raise privacy issues in Saskatchewan. http://trl.ca/l/17x
  • Harvard Offers Explanation for Search of E-Mail Accounts. http://trl.ca/l/17w
  • Many Alberta firms ignoring privacy laws, says FOIP office. http://trl.ca/l/17v
  • Domestic Drones Allow For New Forms Of Privacy Invasion: ACLU. http://trl.ca/l/17u
  • Franken presses Euclid for information on consumer tracking technology. http://trl.ca/l/17t
  • Privacy fine puts spotlight on Google’s Street View practices. http://trl.ca/l/17s

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