• Be wary of free Wi-Fi while on vacation, security experts warn. http://trl.ca/l/17r
  • Researchers Find 25 Countries Using Surveillance Software. http://trl.ca/l/17q
  • Meet Memoto, the Lifelogging Camera. http://trl.ca/l/17p
  • Suits against ‘rent-to-own’ giant Aaron’s suggest larger privacy concerns. http://trl.ca/l/17o
  • Canadian Internet privacy bill C-12 long overdue for overhaul: critics. http://trl.ca/l/17n
  • Google Glass: Expect widespread usage bans over privacy concerns. http://trl.ca/l/17m
  • DNA hack could make medical privacy impossible. http://trl.ca/l/17l
  • B.C. Privacy Commissioner issues warning to ‘Common Sense’ group. http://trl.ca/l/17k
  • Lawsuit charges US Education Department with violating student privacy rights. http://trl.ca/l/17j
  • More Privacy Perils: Facebook Data Is Greater Than The Sum Of Your Likes. http://trl.ca/l/17i
  • Canadian Spam Regulations continue to Draw Comment. http://trl.ca/l/17h
  • ‘Like’ it or not, privacy has changed in the Facebook age. http://trl.ca/l/17g
  • Google Admits Street View Project Violated Privacy. http://trl.ca/l/17f
  • How much privacy do you expect from your workplace email? http://trl.ca/l/17e

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