News for March 8, 2013

  • Apple privacy lawsuit: Judge calls company untrustworthy.
  • Managing Your Privacy With Facebook’s New News Feed.
  • Facebook Privacy Study Shows Why You Gave Up On Keeping Your Data To Yourself.
  • B.C. officer investigated for passing information to private eye.
  • U Penn admissions officer fired for mocking applicants on Facebook.
  • Does Google Glass signal ‘the end of privacy as we know it?’.
  • Outsourcing By Canadian Companies: Another Look At The USA PATRIOT Act.
  • IT companies don’t fear government fines, report finds.
  • Maybe, just maybe, users can win the privacy war.
  • Google Glass: You’ll kiss your privacy goodbye, and you won’t mind a bit.
  • Facebook users want more privacy, but are nudged toward less, study finds.
  • Apple Can’t Duck Giving Documents in Privacy Lawsuit.
  • B.C. privacy watchdog goes on the record.

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