News for March 7, 2013

  • Facebook Details the Software Engineering Behind Graph Search.
  • The Facebook privacy conundrum: Desire for more confidentiality grows but so does amount of personal data.
  • The risk of commoditizing security and privacy.
  • US Lawmakers Make New Push for Electronic Privacy Reform.
  • Are you worried Google Glass is a threat to privacy? Read this.
  • Law firms gear up for class-action against Montfort Hospital over personal data loss.
  • Texas proposes one of nation’s “most sweeping” mobile privacy laws.
  • Explosion of drones ignites privacy issues.
  • Toronto councillors to vote on whether their records should be open to the public.
  • Facebook sharing actually increased after controversial privacy policy changes: Carnegie Mellon study.
  • Australian Senator says Google Glass could ‘end privacy as we know it’.
  • LCBO to stop filling new wine club orders after privacy breach.
  • US privacy bill would ban police from getting email and location data without a warrant.
  • EU under pressure for new data, privacy law changes; U.S. tech firms breathe sigh of relief.
  • Library and Archives Canada deal with leaves personal information vulnerable.
  • Microsoft backs privacy bill in effort to keep Google Apps out of the classroom.
  • MT @nellleo: Frozen Android phones give up data secrets; reinserting the battery forces handset into vulnerable mode.

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