CPR for Monday, March 3, 2008

Canadian News
Time to produce a copyright bill
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, the Canadian Library Association and a coalition of business groups, including the Retail Council of Canada,
Stores defend swiping system as no threat to privacy
Ottawa Citizen – Ontario, Canada
And it’s perfectly legal, says Colin McKay, spokesman for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. “By deciding to buy that sort of product or go
Do security cams invade your privacy?
CKNW – Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
BC’s Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis says the Government needs to engage in more public discussions about how security cameras will be used during and
World / Internet News

Online health records raise privacy worries
Seattle Times – United States
By Kathleen Kerr Searching the Internet for movies playing locally is just plain handy, but the idea of Googling your own medical records is raising privacy
Privacy’s alms to police protection
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona Beach,FL,USA
Although Florida has a Right of Privacy provision to its constitution, the state Supreme Court generally construes issues involving constitutional rights in
Strengthen medical privacy laws
Concord Monitor – Concord,NH,USA
One of Congress’s advisers stated that electronic software vendor contracts violate federal privacy rules. Up to 500000 Americans may be at risk of medical
Sexual predators have no right to privacy
Central Maine Morning Sentinel – Augusta,ME,USA
How can Professor Justin Steinberg make statements about the rights to privacy for people who harm our children in such a way? Should they even have rights
Security vs. privacy
Secure Computing – Australia
The real concern about privacy today is not confidentiality, but access. In today’s electronic society, the real problem is who has access to your personal
German Publishers Struggle With Book Bans for Privacy Reasons
Deutsche Welle – Germany
More and more publishing houses are facing law suits in Germany, with plaintiffs demanding forbearance. The dividing line between allowing literature and

Agency made 700 privacy breaches
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
THE Child Support Agency faces an urgent review over nearly 700 privacy blunders in the past year, including people being given the confidential contact

Radio frequency ID tags raising privacy concerns
International Herald Tribune – France
In late February, the European Commission issued privacy protection proposals to establish a code of conduct for companies using RFID technology,
Barr says loss of privacy harms liberty
Atlanta Journal Constitution – GA, USA
By RHONDA COOK Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, a one-time Republican turned Libertarian, lamented Saturday the loss of privacy because the federal
Driver’s license registry doesn’t violate privacy
Republican & Herald – Pottsville,PA,USA
26 editorial about the federal driver’s license regulations (REAL ID Act) incorrectly asserts that they violate personal privacy of license applicants.
Bill triggers guns-privacy debate
Huntington Herald Dispatch – Huntington,WV,USA
Proponents say the legislation is needed to protect the permit holder’s privacy, but open record advocates argue the move would infringe upon the public’
Citizen’s right to privacy not absolute: press ombudsman
Irish Independent – Dublin,Ireland
By Allison Bray THE right to privacy is central in a democracy but is not an absolute right, according to the newly-appointed Press Ombudsman John Horgan.
Bush Nominates Three to Empty Privacy Board
Wired News – USA
By Ryan Singel February 29, 2008 | 8:21:30 PM Categories: Privacy A newly independent Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board may soon actually have
Privacy Promises Are Central to Google Health
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
Promises of privacy play prominently in new services for storing consumer medical records online. Privacy and security, for example, are the top issue in a
Q&A: Evans says feds steaming ahead on cybersecurity plan, but
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
And that we’re working to ensure that there is privacy, and we’re doing it in a very transparent way. This is really bringing together all the existing
EFF Sues DoJ for Stonewalling on Google Hire
TechNewsWorld – Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
By Erika Morphy There may be no reason for concern that the woman who served as the DoJ’s top privacy lawyer during its tug of war with Google over users’
Antiterrorist Candid Camera Network Raises Privacy Concerns
TechNewsWorld – Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
However, privacy advocates say the department should proceed cautiously. The Homeland Security Department is testing technology that would allow its agents

Google Health Raises Privacy Questions
A large concern over the new service is the privacy issue. Where there are standards that cover medical providers, there is not a set standard for privacy,

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