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Watchdog Drops Probe of Rosh Hashanah Cards

580 CFRA Radio – Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
Jennifer Stoddart has dropped an investigation into complaints Prime Minister Stephen Harper mailed out unsolicited Rosh Hashanah greeting cards,

Privacy czar drops Rosh Hashanah inquiry but plans to examine
The Canadian Press – OTTAWA
But Jennifer Stoddart says she’s launching a broader examination of the way parties handle personal data and plans to make recommendations for reforms to

Privacy Commissioner Seeks Feedback on Implications of Using RFID
Government of Canada Newsroom (press release) – Ottawa,ON,Canada
OTTAWA, March 4, 2008 —The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Jennifer Stoddart, issued a call today for feedback to enrich the debate on the use of radio

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Orders Bar to Stop Scanning IDs
Wired News – USA
By Kim Zetter March 05, 2008 | 7:45:09 PM Categories: Privacy It’s taken two and a half years to get a ruling but the privacy commissioner in Alberta,

Unlisted number fails to protect Bell customer’s privacy
Ottawa Citizen – Ontario, Canada
A former investigator and security professional was shocked to discover his unlisted Bell phone number doesn’t protect his privacy after all.

World / Internet News

Hospital IDs focus of privacy debate
Computerworld New Zealand – Auckland,New Zealand
With the renewed focus on privacy in both New Zealand and Australia, Melbourne-based health software company TrakHealth has had to defend the approach it

FBI admits more privacy violation
Xinhua – China
Mueller said, for an oversight hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, that breaches of privacy in counter-terror investigations, which were known to

FBI chief: Report will confirm privacy violations
USA Today – USA
WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Robert Mueller says an upcoming Justice Department report will show the bureau improperly used national security letters to

Precious, yes, but privacy also demands a dose of sense
The Virginian-Pilot – Norfolk,VA,USA
HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – is the government’s ham-handed effort to safeguard our medical privacy.

More FBI Privacy Violations Confirmed
The Associated Press –
The privacy abuse “predates the reforms we now have in place,” he said. “We are committed to ensuring that we not only get this right, but maintain the

Gateway reviews must look at privacy, says Information Commissioner
Computing – London,UK
The government is in talks with the personal information watchdog over plans to assess the privacy implications of public sector IT projects before they are

More FBI privacy violations confirmed
PRESS TV – Tehran,Iran
This is the fourth straight year of privacy abuses resulting from investigations aimed at tracking terrorists and spies. FBI Director Robert Mueller said

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