News for April 30, 2013

  • Privacy Hawks Slam the “Do Not Track” Framework Ahead of W3C Meeting.
  • Canadian pro-privacy community rallies for a CISPA reboot.
  • Twitter warns of hacks, threats. Says the “attacks will continue,” particularly against high-profile media companies.
  • Report: Criminals are putting a bull’s-eye on critical web infrastructure.
  • Canadian border security reality show called risky for vulnerable migrants.
  • The golden age of privacy is over… but don’t blame the drones.
  • The California Legislature’s “Right to Know Act” Bill Finally Offers Internet Privacy Protection.
  • Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation and How it Will Affect Email Marketing Practices.
  • Did the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada try to cover up its data breach?
  • Michael Geist: “Your information is not secure. Thousands of government breaches point to the need for reform.”
  • The NDP is urging Jennifer Stoddart to probe unreported data breaches.
  • Has social media eroded our right to die in private?
  • If These Brain Scanners Don’t Raise Your Red Privacy Flags, Nothing Will.
  • Homeless people deserve privacy too, says advocate.
  • InfoGraphic: 13 Million Facebook Users Haven’t Touched Their Privacy Settings.

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