CPR for Monday, March 10, 2008

Canadian News

Ontario Privacy Commissioner hails major advancement in a privacy-enhancing technology for voice biometrics
The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario announces the successful combination of Biometric Encryption (BE) with voice biometrics.

Fact Sheet: Prevent identity theft online
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
No one’s saying you need to stay off the Internet to ward off data thieves, but you should keep the following in mind when you’re online…

Commissioner releases investigation report related to discovery of identity theft
OIPC Alberta
DeVry Institute of Technology contravened PIPA when it collected photocopies of students’ drivers’ licenses and social insurance cards, and failed to properly protect the information.

Under surveillance
Edmonton Sun – Alberta, Canada
I’d bet 100 additional constables would prevent more crime and do more good than $50 million in video cameras, and at no expense to public privacy.

World / Internet News

T-Ray Camera Sees Through Clothes, Preserves Privacy
Slashdot – USA
That’s a pretty narrow definition of privacy. So narrow, in fact, that it stops being privacy at all. by jotok (728554) It’s like the “so long as you’re not

EU names judge to review US privacy deal
United Press International – USA
The European Union has asked France’s leading counter-terror judge to check that US agencies are abiding by a deal on the privacy of financial records.

Houston goes to privacy overseer
Hawke’s Bay Today – Hastings,New Zealand
She has now laid a complaint with the office of Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff. Ms Houston met with Mr Lind shortly after she exposed an alleged conflict

The Last Bastion of Privacy Is Breached: A Machine Can Look Into
OpEdNews – Newtown,PA,USA
by The Last MoveMent Page 1 of 1 page(s) Scientists have developed a computerised mind-reading technique which lets them accurately predict the images that

Privacy Or Spying? It’s not a good fix
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
With all the reports of privacy violations, is there any wonder the Bush administration wants a free hand — or as close to it as it can get — when it

GS1 UK concerned about EU’s RFID privacy debate
UsingRFID.com (subscription) – UK
With the latest EU consultation on RFID privacy concerns ( ), the RFID community is understandably voicing its concerns over some of the proposed

Americans’ loss of privacy is real and dangerous
Greeley Tribune – Greeley,CO,USA
To my dismay as a society we have grown sanguine at this loss of privacy in our personal lives, foregoing a rich history of more than 400 years it took to

Phorm Gets Proactive in Addressing Privacy Concerns But is
Dslreports – USA
This controversial activity has caused Phorm to go on the PR offensive, engaging in interviews to explain its privacy policies and describing the way that

Text message archives no threat to privacy – Police Assn
Radio New Zealand – Wellington,New Zealand
Police Association president Greg O’Connor says keeping text messages is not a privacy issue because the police still require search warrants to access the

Microsoft says
Credentica acquisition will help users protect privacy

NetworkWorld.com – Southborough,MA,USA
By John Fontana , Network World , 03/07/2008 Microsoft’s acquisition of privacy vendor Credentica signals another step in the company’s effort to ensure

Editorial: Student privacy at risk
UM Maneater – Columbia,MO,USA
In this age of identity theft, where the Internet makes it so easy to take advantage of others, no measure of privacy can be too strict.

Invading Our Privacy
Destin Log – Destin,FL,USA
on balance, a better FBI director than we expected) is correct, that administrative procedures really have reduced such privacy abuses substantially.

Hold Bush accountable for privacy
The Argus – Fremont,CA,USA
PRIVACY is a cherished American value. We want the government and companies we do business with to protect our personal information.

Google-Double Click merger raises privacy concerns
EUobserver.com – Brussels,Belgium
However, the takeover of Double Click has raised substantial opposition amongst digital privacy advocates and experts on the internet.

Privacy shield crucial for online health records
Atlanta Journal Constitution – GA, USA
But the board fails to realize that their use can ruin lives, too, unless both sensible privacy and security precautions are instilled upfront to protect

Behavior Monitoring Software Firm Vows to Protect Privacy
RedOrbit – Dallas,TX,USA
E&Y’s report stated that Phorm complied with privacy standards by performing actions such as not storing user IP addresses and ignoring information such as

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