News for Wednesday, May 15, 2013

  • Ontario Privacy Commissioner approves Oshawa council e-mail search. ->
  • What the Associated Press Subpoena Scandal Means for Your Electronic Privacy. ->
  • Is a discount worth giving up your online privacy? ->
  • The Experts: Should You Expect Privacy on Corporate Devices? ->
  • Patients sue Ottawa’s Montfort hospital for $40M for lost (but later recovered) information. ->
  • RT @anishmohammed: #Googleio2013 #speed #simplicity and #security no mention of #privacy 😉 ->
  • Firms Brace for New European Data Privacy Law: “the world’s strongest data protection law” ->
  • Android Users Beef Up Privacy Claims Against Google. ->
  • Google Glass testers give their thoughts: ‘It’s kind of a tease’ (video). ->
  • RT @the_nixpunk: We really need an open alternative to Skype, or at least something that we know how it’s being encrypted. #privacy ->
  • RT @Ghostery: Since we can’t track users, we rely on you all for voluntary feedback. Please take this 2 question survey!… ->
  • Federico Zannier is selling his own personal data… on Kickstarter. ->
  • State social media privacy laws a mixed bag – Laws limit access to employee accounts, and that may be a good thing. ->
  • Who Really Owns Your Personal Data? ->
  • PRIVACY IN POPULAR CULTURE: Going Gaga for Google Glass ->
  • The F.B.I., Wiretaps, and the Web. ->
  • Proposed European Data Protection will preserve privacy — but could it hinder or prevent medical discoveries? ->
  • A Date With A Glasshole: Google Glass Dating 101, A Report From The Field. ->
  • US Federal Judge says Only Powered-Off Cell Phones Deserve Privacy Protections. ->
  • Canadian police save a man’s life using an ariel drone. ->
  • RCMP members watch porn and snoop on spouses, files show. ->
  • Saskatchewan Court of Appeal shuts down anti-census crusader Sandra Finley. ->
  • NDP will ask House of Commons for a broader probe into data breaches and identity fraud. ->
  • Don’t be a mobile privacy creep. Here are eight top tips for digital marketers. ->
  • Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is aimed at making a safer online world. ->
  • Seattle Man Hovers Drone Over a Family’s House for ‘Research’: The law may support this. ->
  • Protecting the “right” of businesses to secretly make money out of your data. ->
  • Google’s “Privacy Rap Sheet”: 2002-Present. ->

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