News for Thursday, May 23, 2013

  • Hate to nag, but #IAPP Toronto Symposium is offering free WiFi. Encryption free. No WPA2, no WPA… not even WEP? ->
  • PIPEDA is not keeping up with today’s privacy protection needs, and won’t be enough for the future, per Jennifer Stoddart. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: 1 in 4 websites unaware or unclear to users that they leak or transfer information. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: Too many organizations only address privacy problems after an investigation, or court proceedings. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: “Privacy is good business” has been proven wrong by companies who make money at privacy’s expense. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: PIPEDA needs stronger enforcement powers, penalties. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: Enforcement powers wouldn’t change our desire to work cooperatively with business. #IAPP ->
  • Jennifer Stoddart: Transparency reports should be mandatory. #IAPP ->
  • Angela Swan: Privacy should be part of an organization’s culture. Everyone needs to believe they have some part of responsibility. ->
  • RT @EFF: The law must stop patent trolls from targeting those who are simply using the products they purchased. Period.… ->
  • RT @EFF: Google’s new instant messaging platform abandons open standards and hurts user privacy: ->

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