News for Monday, June 3, 2013

  • Rob Ford gets stern letter from Ontario Privacy Commissioner about destroyed records. ->
  • Leaky Apps Raise Privacy Concerns in This Week’s Dangerous Android Apps. ->
  • Bar groups rally in opposition to disclosure bill. ->
  • B.C. Health Ministry’s privacy probe tops $2.5 million. ->
  • Privacy complaint launched over Canada Border Services Agency reality TV show. ->
  • Open Data Portal not about transparent government, say critics. Alberta privacy commissioner has concerns. ->
  • Personal data on thousands of cross-border travellers will be shared with U.S. under new program. ->
  • Yahoo Mail Update Kills Off User Privacy: Don’t Like It? Tough Luck. ->
  • Conservative government found spying on aboriginal advocate: Tim Harper. ->
  • B.C. judge quashes order requiring insurer to review all credit score consent forms obtained since 2004. ->
  • U.S. is looking over Canada’s shoulder in wake of navy spy scandal: sources. ->
  • Startups Sell Privacy in a Facebook-Dominated Social World. ->
  • Facebook’s ‘mutual-friends’ feature is a threat to user privacy, security controls. ->
  • New law that would unmask protesters is likely to face court challenge. ->
  • Michael Geist: Canada Has an Internet Problem. ->
  • Who cares more about online privacy: teens or adults? ->
  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre apologizes for data breach. ->
  • Vancouver entertainment company refutes claim it violated privacy laws when shooting border reality show. ->

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