News for February 25, 2013

  • Ontario Information & Privacy Commissioner may ask province to open access to councillors’ records.
  • Internal Memo: National Guard Can Share Drone Surveillance With Law Enforcement.
  • Windsor bar owners fed up with fake ID.
  • Drones’ surveillance of farmlands ignites debate on privacy invasion.
  • Vigilance with encrypting personal information urged in wake of high-profile data breaches.
  • Privacy, profits collide over drone policy; states jockey to host test sites.
  • Casino patron data stolen in Calgary.
  • Microsoft Inherits Sticky Data Collection Issues From Skype.
  • Canada’s telecom transparency gap is alive and well: Geist.
  • Federal Privacy Regs Puzzle State Agencies.
  • Star investigation: Bad cab drivers flying under the radar.
  • DNA and the Constitution.
  • Canada Revenue Agency employees fired for being drunk and watching porn.
  • 34 universities ask to fly spy drones.
  • Summer camp, cellphone kiosk violated customers’ privacy: Federal Commissioner.

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