News for Friday, June 7, 2013

  • Cloaking technique makes data transmission invisible. ->
  • Federal Privacy Commissioner stresses significance of online reputation and business accountability in digital age. ->
  • Canadian Taxpayers Federation Disgusted With Gutting of Bill C-461. ->
  • Personal information law becoming archaic, says federal privacy watchdog. ->
  • U.S. defends secretly gathering private data on foreign nationals from Internet companies like Google and Facebook. ->
  • Update: Dismayed Conservatives address news of Edmonton MP’s resignation from caucus. ->
  • Stoddart: Bill C-461 no significant privacy risk relative to the goal of transparency & the broader public interest. ->
  • Supreme Court to decide if labour unions are entitled to the contact information of non-members. ->
  • “Girls Gone Wild” founder angry over invasion of his sexual privacy. #LOL ->

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