News for June 13, 2013

  • StopWatching.Us: Mozilla launches massive campaign on digital surveillance.
  • Car-tracking devices spark privacy concerns.
  • Big Brother really is watching — and listening.
  • Canada has tracked phone and Internet data for years.
  • Tories deny Canadian spy agencies are targeting Canadians.
  • Supreme Court to hear union privacy cases.
  • Opposition seeks parliamentary oversight of Canada’s spy agencies.
  • Ontario Grits suffer the bitter agony of delete.
  • Privacy czar to meet with e-spy watchdog on eavesdropping concerns.
  • Our Double Standard of Privacy.
  • Findings from intelligence-sharing probe may be delayed. #privacy
  • Canada’s privacy czar says spies should be less secretive.
  • The U.K. has legislative oversight of surveillance. Why not Canada?
  • You’re not paranoid, the government might be watching you: Walkom.
  • Federal privacy watchdog takes closer look at spy agencies’ data gathering and sharing.
  • Privacy, Pfft! Why NSA Surveillance Only Bothers Some People.
  • Lessig: It’s time to rewrite the Internet to give us better privacy and security.

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