News for Wednesday, June 26, 2013

  • The NSA’s military-technological complex should concern us all. ->
  • Eavesdropping agency’s personal information banks go unlisted despite legal obligation. ->
  • Surveillance society: 7 ways you’re being watched, and didn’t know it. ->
  • LifeLabs loses personal info for 16,100 Kamloops patients. ->
  • Poor data-breach tracking, reporting concerns federal privacy commissioner. ->
  • NSA, Prism and Internet Exchange Points in Canada. ->
  • Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory’s colorectal cancer screening program forms missing. ->
  • Canada’s anti-spam law could be canned by government: Geist. ->
  • Privacy rights in Saskatchewan lag rest of West, report says. ->
  • Redundant mask law robs activists of powerful symbols. ->
  • Canadian workers unaware of company security rules: Poll. ->
  • Editorial: Saskatchewan lags on info access, privacy. ->
  • Nerd farm no more: Speech offers rare glimpse into eavesdropping agency. ->
  • Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner issues 2012-2013 Annual Report [pdf] ->
  • Many iPhone Apps Ignore Apple’s Privacy Advice, Study Says | MIT Technology Review ->
  • Analysis shows better protocols needed after privacy breaches. ->
  • Alberta government wants your input on its privacy act. ->
  • Commissioner says Saskatchewan failing to protect privacy. ->
  • Privacy watchdog says it’s ‘ludicrous’ for Liberals to say emails must be deleted; McGuinty calls rules ‘confusing’. ->

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