News for Thursday, July 4, 2013

  • Canadians see Snowden as whistleblower, but many welcome targeted terrorist surveillance. ->
  • 'Serious deficencies' blamed for 3 British Columbia health data breaches. ->
  • How Ontario faces big data privacy challenges. ->
  • Privacy debate looms as Canada prepares to share bank data with U.S. ->
  • Twitter toying with more tailored ads aimed at protecting users' privacy. ->
  • Google Glass Explainer Too Little for Privacy-Sensitive Congressman. ->
  • Health Ministry privacy measures ‘deficient,’ says B.C. watchdog Elizabeth Denham. ->
  • Ann Cavoukian: privacy commissioner’s job ‘my life’s work’. ->
  • Quebec court sides with federal government over gun registry data. ->
  • Canadian cop claims he didn’t know cyber-stalking was illegal. ->

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