News for Tuesday, July 16, 2013

  • Attention, Shoppers – The Store Is Tracking Your Cell. Thank You. ->
  • Negligent insiders contribute to costly data breaches. ->
  • Goodbye Privacy: Big Data Is Coming to Town. ->
  • The Morning Download: AT&T Tests Boundaries of Customer Privacy. ->
  • Interview: Mateo Meier from Artmotion on PRISM, privacy issues, Switzerland's legendary neutrality and much more. ->
  • Yahoo's ID Land Rush Begins With Updated Security Measures. ->
  • Big Brother is alive and well and reading your Facebook posts. ->
  • 'Join fight for privacy now' Stallman on Snowden & how to escape surveillance. ->
  • Report: Privacy Should Be a Concern for IOS and Android Users. ->
  • Yahoo! gets EFF commendation for defending user privacy. ->

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