News for Monday, July 22, 2013

  • Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns. >>> Does your vehicle have one? <<< ->
  • Bureaucrats, federal departments considered Dumpster divers to retrieve lost data, emails show. ->
  • Inappropriately using privacy as a shield. ->
  • Apple Hacked: Company Admits Development Website Was Breached. ->
  • Ontario’s prohibition on access to abortion data heads to court. ->
  • 10 tips to better secure your privacy on an Apple device. ->
  • Opinion: Canada’s Communications Security Establishment part of a secret state-within-the-state. ->
  • Geist: Will cabinet shuffle help put Canada’s digital economy back on track? ->
  • Blogger asks courts to intervene after government denies request for abortion data. ->
  • Report urges cyberbullying law after Rehtaeh Parsons death. ->

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