News for Monday, August 12, 2013

  • Lavabit founder closed his secure email service to 'protect the privacy' of its users. ->
  • Yukon Mounties to star in their own reality show, raising privacy concerns. ->
  • E-mail's Big Privacy Problem: Q&A With Silent Circle Co-Founder Phil Zimmermann – ->
  • Toronto tenants complain of “double standard” over cameras. ->
  • Disconnect, The Anti-Ad Tracking Startup, Now Has A Privacy App Specifically For Kids (Built By An Ex-NSA Engineer). ->
  • Adoption advocates debate use of photo database of children. ->
  • Pro-privacy folks likened to digital al-Qaida; feds want to 'blind' hackers ->
  • Don’t Get Sucker Pumped — Krebs on Security ->
  • Twitter's Killer New Two-Factor Solution Kicks SMS to the Curb. ->
  • Why Everyone Is Pissed Off About Google Chrome's Sound Security. ->
  • #FlyNaked? Latest Movie-Plot Threat: Explosive-Dipped Clothing ->
  • Simple Hack Threatens 2.5x and 3.x Joomla Sites. ->

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