• RT @FTC: Joining our Chat in 15 mins? Send us Qs w/ #FTCpriv. More info on HTC settlement: http://t.co/jNR9g0xJga #datasecurity
  • FTC staff will answer HTC America settlement questions online today from noon – 1 p.m. ET. Follow @FTC. Tweet questions w/ hashtag #FTCpriv http://go.usa.gov/4SFj
  • Amazon and eBay lobbyists writing EU data protection law in copy-paste legislation scandal. http://trl.ca/l/13i
  • One More Reason to Password Protect or Lock that Smart Phone. http://trl.ca/l/13h
  • California lawmaker proposes privacy protections for genetic data. http://trl.ca/l/13g
  • The Privacy Price To Cross The Border. http://trl.ca/l/13f
  • Could Google’s Push for Digital Privacy Changes Affect Law Enforcement? http://trl.ca/l/13e
  • Revenue Canada employees browsed porn, delved into personal files. http://trl.ca/l/13d
  • Electronic snooping on kids? What’s up, Ohio? http://trl.ca/l/13c
  • DNA Privacy Gets First U.S. Supreme Court Test in Rape Case. http://trl.ca/l/13b
  • Ontario Appeal Court ruling limits cellphone privacy. http://trl.ca/l/13a
  • Some Victims of Online Hacking Edge Into the Light. http://trl.ca/l/139
  • Audit finds common misuse of Minnesota driver data by Police. http://trl.ca/l/138
  • Experts urge government to set cyber-security standards for private sector. http://trl.ca/l/137

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