News for Thursday, August 15, 2013

  • Gmail: You weren't really expecting privacy, were you? ->
  • Doctor lost control of patient records. ->
  • Many privacy policies are long, complex. ->
  • Metro Vancouver project monitors private cellphones to track traffic jams. ->
  • Police cameras violate privacy guidelines. ->
  • A&W, Bell Media rapped over internet privacy policies. ->
  • Glass not a privacy threat, Google tells Canada's privacy commissioners. ->
  • Norfolk General Hospital fires nurse for privacy breach. ->
  • Google: You have no privacy in Gmail, and you shouldn’t expect it. ->
  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner: Initial results from our Internet Privacy Sweep: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. ->
  • The false expectation of privacy isn’t a Google problem — it’s an e-mail problem. ->
  • Global Internet Sweep finds significant privacy policy shortcomings. ->
  • 10 Dirty Little Secrets Email Lead List Vendors Don’t Want You To Know. ->

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