News for Tuesday, October 8, 2013

  • RT @ciranews: The Internet of Things is all fun and games until someone hacks your toilet: ->
  • RT @torproject: Want to configure your Thunderbird email client to send and fetch email via #Tor? See this manual on TorBirdy:… ->
  • Peel Region employee who lost private information breached protocol. ->
  • Five highlights from the Canada-Brazil spying revelations. ->
  • ‘Cyberwar’ allegations threaten rift between Brazil and Canada. ->
  • HIV apps vulnerable to privacy, security breaches. ->
  • Can Statistics Canada be hacked? When it comes to computer security, nothing’s impossible, experts. ->
  • Charges that Canada spied on Brazil unveil CSEC's inner workings. ->
  • Spy agency CSEC needs MPs' oversight, ex-director says – Politics. ->
  • Brazil demands explanation over reports Canada spied on mine ministry. ->
  • Corruption concerns prompted border agency to quiz staff on private lives. ->
  • Brazil’s Leader Asks Canada to Explain Its Spying. ->
  • Mobile device users putting workplace at risk: Report. ->
  • Schneier on Security: Why It's Important to Publish the NSA Programs. ->
  • Ontario health region loses SD card with 18,000 records. ->
  • Brazil revelations are tip of iceberg on Canada’s foreign spying: U.S. journalist. ->

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