News for Tuesday, October 29, 2013

  • Obstetrician warns of privacy breach. ->
  • Anti-money laundering agency flagging too much personal info: watchdog. ->
  • Keep your eyes on those spies. ->
  • Privacy watchdog rejects Liberal complaint against Tory MPP Fedeli. ->
  • Privacy concerns with FINTRAC remain following two separate audits. ->
  • AHS cited for privacy breach after devastating Shaw fire. ->
  • Jonathan Kay: Before you dismiss Duffy and Wallin, remember what happened to George Radwanski. ->
  • Security, privacy don’t conflict, says Canadian privacy commissioner. ->
  • FINTRAC collecting too much info on innocent Canadians. ->
  • Privacy watchdog investigates lost data from Toronto eye clinic. ->
  • Is Bell’s plan to monitor and profile Canadians legal: Geist ->
  • Computer theft from doctor’s office was likely ‘crime of opportunity,’ say police. ->
  • Private security company poised to launch drones. ->
  • A government agency has amassed 165M files, many with personal details it has no right to collect. ->

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