News for Monday, November 25, 2013

  • Canadian banks to be compelled to share clients' info with U.S. ->
  • Cyberbullying bill a Trojan horse to revive online surveillance: critics. ->
  • Why Naked Selfies Are Bad News for Facebook << Note: Snapchat pics are capturable, despite the app's "purpose" ->
  • 'This is a start': Mother of bullying victim 'happy' with legislation. ->
  • Spam-Friendly Registrar ‘Dynamic Dolphin’ Shuttered. ->
  • Simons: New cyber-bullying bill may threaten civil liberties. ->
  • Surveillance as a Business Model. ->
  • Conservatives’ C-13 will make it easier for police to snoop on Canadians’ Internet use, critics say. ->
  • Lawful Access is Back: Controversial Bill Returns Under the Guise of Cyber-Bullying Legislation: Michael Geist ->
  • Medical marijuana users outed in Health Canada privacy gaffe. ->
  • Facebook Is Trying To Integrate With Everything. ->
  • A Facebook Update In Real Life – YouTube ->
  • Harper government officials, spies meet with energy industry in Ottawa. ->
  • Twitter switches on ‘forward secrecy’ to protect user privacy. ->
  • CSEC spies head to conciliation as Tories move to limit union’s bargaining power. ->
  • School staff photos spur privacy complaint. ->
  • Security and privacy: Experts connect the dots as debate rages. ->
  • BC lottery corporation ordered to release secret emails. ->
  • Manitobans Get New Privacy Law, But No One To Complain To. ->
  • New cyberbullying law has 'larger agenda,' expands police powers. ->
  • How to Prepare for Canada's New Anti-Spam Law. ->
  • Genetic privacy regulations may have unintended consequences. ->
  • OpEd: Bullying bill bears examination. ->
  • Senior census resister heads to trial over refusal to fill out 2011 census. ->
  • Harper government's extensive spying on anti-oilsands groups revealed in FOIs. ->

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