News for Thursday, November 28, 2013

  • PM announces appointment of Chantal Bernier as Interim Privacy Commissioner. ->
  • Award for Bell privacy breach offers little clarity on future PIPEDA damages. ->
  • Cyberbullying bill won't stop online taunts, critics say. ->
  • Tiny hobby drones worry privacy czar. ->
  • Medical marijuana privacy breach due to Health Canada ‘incompetence’, critics say. ->
  • Conservatives’ overstuffed ‘cyberbullying’ bill enough to make you miss Vic Toews. ->
  • Sask Privacy Commissioner says Pinehouse remiss. ->
  • Banks Forced to Comply With US Regulators Despite Not Being in U.S. ->
  • Federal Privacy Commissioner supports call for internal audit of Correctional Service Canada. ->
  • New Snowden docs show U.S. spied during G20 in Toronto. ->
  • Web Snooping Laws Return Under the Cover of Cyber-Bullying. ->
  • Privacy watchdog backs cyberbullying bill’s ‘lawful access’ powers. ->
  • Ottawa failing Canadians on cybersecurity, says expert. ->
  • Court rebukes CSIS for secretly asking international allies to spy on Canadian terror suspects travelling abroad. ->
  • Alcohol And Drug Testing: Where Are We Now? ->
  • Surveillance Trojan Horse or Big Brother in disguise? ->
  • Privacy gaffes by feds nothing but inexcusable. ->
  • Canada allowed U.S. to spy on G20 leaders at Toronto summit, top secret documents reveal. ->
  • Class-action suit filed over medical pot users' privacy breach. ->
  • U.S. spied at G20 summit in Toronto, CBC finds. ->
  • Jesse Kline: Tories bully Canadians into accepting Internet surveillance ->
  • Canada knew U.S. spying on G20: CBC report. ->
  • Ban government use of instant messages, access watchdog says. ->

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