News for Tuesday, December 3, 2013

  • Disabled woman denied entry to U.S. after agent cites supposedly private medical details. ->
  • How CSEC became an electronic spying giant. ->
  • New Federal Privacy Commissioner will earn $300,000. ->
  • U.S. Border's Canadian Health Records Access Of 'Great Concern' To Privacy Watchdog. ->
  • Tories stay mum on U.S. spy role in Canada. ->
  • Access to Canadian health files by U.S. border agency sparks demands for inquiries. ->
  • Mini helicopter use by police is taking off. ->
  • When progress trumps privacy. ->
  • Restrictive law silences grieving parents. ->
  • Canada’s spy chief dodges questions about G20 eavesdropping. ->
  • No discretion here: New privacy commissioner will earn almost $300K. ->
  • Privacy commissioner to probe how health information being shared with U.S. border services. ->
  • RCMP’s eyes in the sky spark civil liberties debate. ->
  • Three key agenda items for Canada’s next privacy commissioner. ->
  • Privacy laws hamper public-safety warnings, Elizabeth Denham says. ->
  • Apple Patents Face Recognition Tech For Enhanced iPhone Privacy And Automated Control. ->
  • Is the private health information of Canadians being shared with U.S. border services? ->
  • RT @csoghoian: Great pic. Is Angela Merkel sad b/c the Americans are spying on her calls, or b/c she is forced to use a Blackberry? ->
  • Premier's office under fire for keeping papers secret. ->
  • MP Sullivan demands answers from Privacy Commissioner on why woman denied entry to U.S. ->
  • Dealing with privacy issues: Jennifer Stoddart. ->
  • Drones: The Good, the bad and the ugly. ->
  • Ontarians’ health info being shared with U.S. border services: reports. ->
  • An Open Letter Urging Universities To Encourage Conversation About Online Privacy. ->

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