News for Wednesday, January 22, 2014

  • Google's Nest deal highlights privacy-policy issues: Dan Misener. ->
  • Big Brother is watching: Use of tracking technology for seniors under debate in B.C. ->
  • Target says security breach could affect some Canadian shoppers. ->
  • Privacy tools used by 28% of the online world, research finds. ->
  • Michael Geist – European Report Says Canadian Privacy Law Should Be Re-Examined Due to Surveillance Activities. ->
  • Government responds to medical marijuana concerns. ->
  • Alberta Privacy Commissioner’s Recommendation Regarding PIPA. ->
  • Cops with cameras: Growing number of police armed with recording devices. ->
  • Michael Geist – The Trouble With Bill C-13: Why the "Cyberbullying Bill" is About Much More than Cyberbullying. ->

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