News for Thursday, January 23, 2014

  • 13 Hackers Allegedly Skimmed Millions Via Gas Stations. ->
  • Russian Spy Nodes Caught Snooping on Facebook Users. ->
  • Some data breaches you may never know about. ->
  • Is C-13 Needed?: How Canadian Law Already Features Extensive Rules to Combat Cyberbullying. ->
  • Police should need warrant to search cellphones after arrest, B.C. court told. ->
  • Target confirms some Canadian shoppers had info stolen. ->
  • Health minister kept in dark after laptop with health records of 620,000 Albertans stolen. ->
  • Why the Justice Ministers' Report Fails To Make the Case for Bill C-13's Lawful Access Provisions. ->
  • York police shouldn’t videotape detainees using toilet: Justice. ->
  • The Shameful Canadian Silence on Surveillance. ->
  • Citizen Lab calls for transparency by Canadian telcos. ->
  • Canadian Regulators Place Google's Business Model Under Microscope. ->
  • Microsoft to agree to local storage of foreign users' data. ->
  • Telecom firms being asked what data they are giving to police, intelligence agencies. ->
  • Hackers hit Nova Scotia computer network 5 times last yea. ->
  • Surveillance of B.C. seniors raising privacy concerns. ->
  • Sochi 2014: Cyber-surveillance network heightens privacy fears. ->
  • 79-year-old census resister has no regrets after being found guilty of violating Statistics Act. ->
  • Laptop stolen with health information of 620,000 Albertans. ->
  • 4 other cases of stolen health data in Alberta. ->

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