News for Friday, January 24, 2014

  • Alberta patients concerned after major medical information breach. ->
  • Bug Exposes IP Cameras, Baby Monitors. ->
  • Reveal extent of government data surveillance, campaign asks telecom companies. ->
  • Arrested Revenge Porn King Allegedly Paid Hacker to Steal Nude Photos. ->
  • Braid: Delay in Alberta breach report shows stunning disregard for patient rights. ->
  • Mayor Rob Ford: How much personal privacy should he expect? ->
  • Op-Ed: The debate Canada won’t have ->
  • ‘I have no authority’ to report health data breaches to government or public, Alberta privacy commissioner says. ->
  • Privacy Experts Demand Data from Big Three, but Lack Leverage. ->
  • Bennett Jones launches Canada Anti-Spam Law website. ->
  • Weak laws failing to protect Albertans from privacy breaches. ->
  • Surveillance: Where is the point between safety and a person's right to not be monitored? ->
  • The Wearable Revolution: Drawing the Line Between Exciting New Tech and Privacy. ->
  • Albertans call with questions about stolen laptop filled with health information. ->
  • How Does a Privacy-Protecting Search Engine Work? (Video) ->
  • Police chiefs support cyberbullying bill. ->
  • Investigation promised into Alberta’s largest breach of personal information. ->

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