News for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

  • Ex-premier, privacy commissioner and journalist to review Newfoundland info law. ->
  • Victoria man receives hundreds of patient health records in error – Victoria News ->
  • Internet firms play coy on how they share info with police, government. ->
  • CASL: clear as mud. ->
  • Forget CSIS — it’s political parties that own our privacy. ->
  • Social media privacy being taught at high school. ->
  • Nunavut prison report censored for no reason, watchdog says. ->
  • Some ISPs don’t cave when asked for subscriber info, says report. ->
  • Many B.C. freedom-of-information requests come up empty. ->
  • Canada's electronic spy agency uncovers wrongdoing, ethics breaches. ->
  • New Anti-Spam Legislation Could Bolster Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s Call for Greater PIPEDA Enforcement Powers. ->

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