News for Friday, March 28, 2014

  • Consortium Wants Standards for 'Internet of Things.' ->
  • Internet providers get low transparency grades amid surveillance concerns. ->
  • Privacy watchdog examines possible breach in residential school survivors' claims. ->
  • 7 Invasions Of Privacy We Accept As Commonplace, ->
  • MPs drop bid to impose lifetime gag orders on Hill staff. ->
  • Professors' report gives Canadian Internet providers a failing grade on privacy. ->
  • Closing the Gap between Privacy Policies and the Use of Portable Storage Devices. ->
  • Quantum Mechanics Could Yield Ultimate Privacy. ->
  • Parliament resumes debate on Online Spying Bill giving immunity to telecoms who help authorities spy without warrant. ->
  • Expert report reveals Internet providers should be more transparent about how they handle our private information. ->
  • Canada’s metadata collection worries critics. ->
  • San Francisco Billboards Shame Drivers With Actual Photos of Them Texting. ->
  • Border agency asked for Canadians’ telecom info 18,849 times in one year. ->
  • Twitter sparks privacy fears with new photo-tagging switched on. ->
  • lets you live "creepily ever-after…" ->

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