News for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

  • Statement from the Interim Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding Heartbleed. ->
  • Dropbox stands firm on privacy, despite Heartbleed risk and board appointments. ->
  • Ontario Privacy Czar Wants Cops To Stop Sharing Suicide Attempts With U.S. ->
  • Guarantee Privacy to Ensure Proper Genetic Treatment. ->
  • Sensitive mental health info goes into police databases, shared with US government. ->
  • Data of About 900 Canadians Taken in Heartbleed Breach — Update. ->
  • Fair elections act: 7 things you may not know. ->
  • Unmanned Systems Canada comments on Privacy Rules for Drones. ->
  • Worried about a stolen SIN? Here’s what to do. ->
  • Ontario Privacy commissioner wants police discretion when sharing mental-health info. ->
  • Heartbleed bug: Revenue Canada knew about stolen SINs last Friday. ->
  • Ontario privacy watchdog blasts police for disclosing suicide attempts. ->

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