• Privacy Commissioner Ed Ring releases school surveillance camera report. http://trl.ca/l/135
  • EU Parliament makes more than 900 changes to data privacy law. http://trl.ca/l/134
  • Security And Privacy Legal Cases Vie For 2013 Headlines – http://trl.ca/l/133
  • Biobanks, Feds join forces to protect donor privacy. http://trl.ca/l/131
  • Could muzzling federal scientists be illegal? – http://trl.ca/l/130
  • Kim Dotcom tries to position Mega as standard-bearer for online privacy – http://trl.ca/l/12y
  • Can Insurance Companies Use Your Credit to Set Your Premiums? http://trl.ca/l/12x
  • Dog’s opinion of probable cause allows for search, US Supreme Court says – http://trl.ca/l/12w
  • EU lawmakers vote against mandatory data protection fines. http://trl.ca/l/12v
  • Privacy rights: Police can search unprotected cellphone without warrant, appeal court rules. http://trl.ca/l/12u
  • Identity fraud in US reaches highest level in three years – http://trl.ca/l/12t
  • Alan F. Westin, scholar of privacy in the information ages, dies at 83 – http://trl.ca/l/12s
  • NL Privacy Commissioner delivers CCTV Camera Guidelines for Schools. http://trl.ca/l/12r
  • Apple FINALLY fills gaping Java hole that pwned its own devs. http://trl.ca/l/12q
  • OK for Ontario police to search cellphone if there’s no password, says court. http://trl.ca/l/12p
  • Man’s SUV Shouldn’t Have Been Able to Testify Against Him – http://trl.ca/l/12o
  • Hate To Break It To You, But Your Car Likely Has A Black Box ‘Spying’ On You Already – http://trl.ca/l/12n
  • The Big Privacy Takeaway From Tesla vs. The New York Times – http://trl.ca/l/12m
  • Alberta Privacy Commissioner looking into restaurant documents found in trash – http://trl.ca/l/132
  • Virginia General Assembly measure eases parental access to Facebook accounts of deceased child – http://trl.ca/l/12z
  • Google risks huge fine under new EU data rules-top official. http://trl.ca/l/12l
  • Canada hit by hackers believed backed by secretive Chinese government unit – http://trl.ca/l/12k

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