News for Tuesday, May 13, 2014

  • Get That Thing Out of My Face(book)! Ontario Woman Brings Class Action Against Facebook for Private Message Scanning. ->
  • Clement orders look at federal social media harvesting over privacy concerns. ->
  • Canada’s Internet censorship law kicks in on Canada Day. ->
  • Op-Ed: The privacy & anti-bullying bills that ruin privacy and bully us. ->
  • New season of Border Security TV show to go ahead despite privacy concerns. ->
  • Hidden cameras at City Park Co-op shock residents: Fiorito. ->
  • B.C. hands out sensitive database to Children’s Ministry managers. ->
  • Saskatchewan's new privacy chief brings extensive experience. ->
  • 'Right to be forgotten' ruling creates a quagmire for Google et al. ->
  • Ottawa also reads your posts. ->
  • B.C. privacy commissioner calls for tighter background check controls. ->
  • Apple comes clean (mostly) on government access to iPhone data. ->
  • Phishers find Microsoft Azure 30-day trial irresistible! ->
  • Did they just say that the gov't spied on 1 in 34 Canadians? You, your family, or your neighbours are likely victims. ->
  • 3 ways companies can reduce data-breach harm. ->
  • Canada’s New Cyberbullying Bill Will Give It Unnecessary Surveillance Superpowers. ->
  • Certificate revocation: Why browsers remain affected by Heartbleed. ->
  • Ontario’s Info & Privacy Commissioner Rules No Right of Access to Some Records of School Board Trustees under MFIPPA. ->
  • My favorite app was bought by Facebook. So I deleted it. ->
  • Liberals slam PC caucus "Get Out The Vote" plan as breach of Privacy Act. ->
  • Lots of Health Apps Are Selling Your Data. Here's Why. ->
  • CASL: what you need to know. ->

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