News for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

  • Bernier addresses the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance to discuss the privacy implications of Bill C-31 ->
  • New report from UK ICO: Protecting Personal Data in Online Services – Learning from the Mistakes of Others [PDF]. ->
  • For Canada's Spies, Your Data Is Just a Phone Call Away. ->
  • The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye. ->
  • Don Cayo: Uncle Sam makes Canadians an offer we can’t refuse (with video). ->
  • U.S. Indictment of Chinese Hackers Could Be Awkward for the NSA. ->
  • Judge rules that Quebec Access to Information Commission overstepped its bounds. ->
  • How to Use Wickr Privacy App. ->
  • Jim Prentice’s website shut down after privacy breach. ->
  • EDITORIAL: Cyberbullying bill weak on privacy. ->
  • Fitness apps are a “privacy nightmare”, shedding personal data to the highest bidder. ->
  • Don’t care about surveillance? You’re probably white and middle class. ->
  • Bill C-13 opens door to warrantless spying of our phones and computers. ->
  • What you really agree to when you click 'accept' ->
  • Hobby drones raise privacy and safety questions. ->
  • Public Hotspots Are a Privacy and Security Minefield: Shield Yourself. ->

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