News for Thursday, May 29, 2014

  • Stephen Harper nominates top public safety lawyer for privacy watchdog. ->
  • Backdoor in Call Monitoring, Surveillance Gear. ->
  • MP Brent Rathgeber troubled by warrantless access to information in cyberbullying bill. ->
  • Snowden Addresses Critics, Explains Why He Won’t Return to Face Charges in First U.S. TV Interview. ->
  • Prime Minister nominates next Privacy Commissioner. ->
  • True Goodbye: ‘Using TrueCrypt Is Not Secure’. ->
  • Electronic spy agency CSEC gathers personal information in cyberdefence role. ->
  • Canadians are lax on privacy, Senate committee hears. ->
  • PM’s pick of Daniel Therrien as privacy watchdog alarms NDP. ->
  • The anti-spam law’s coming. Get ready for more spam. ->
  • Privacy Issues Could Threaten The Future Of Commercial Social Media. ->
  • Canada needs better privacy controls, academics say. ->
  • Rules governing police records and background checks dangerously murky. ->
  • History Repeats Itself: Minister MacKay’s Unwavering Position on Bill C – 13 Replicates Vic Toew’s C – 30 Strategy. ->
  • Getting Away With Privacy Murder. ->
  • Senator urges more oversight of national security services. ->
  • Senior lawyer tabbed as next privacy czar. ->
  • Internet of Things crisis? Privacy issues could be barrier to smart-device take-up, says Ipsos Mori report. ->
  • CRTC seeking comments on set top boxes, audience measurement and privacy. ->

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