News for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

  • Tory pick for privacy watchdog faces grilling in Commons and Senate. ->
  • Privacy community disapproves of privacy commissioner nominee. ->
  • Minimizing risks and responding to data breaches. ->
  • Ottawa sticks with Therrien for privacy watchdog post. ->
  • PM's choice for privacy commissioner called 'creepy' by Tom Mulcair. CBC News ->
  • Facebook plans to appeal B.C. Supreme Court ruling allowing members' class-action lawsuit. ->
  • Prospective privacy watchdog Daniel Therrien to be questioned by MPs, senators. ->
  • Harper's new privacy watchdog's record leaves real apprehension of conflict of interest, bias. ->
  • Harper’s Privacy Commissioner is wrong for the job. ->
  • New privacy watchdog gave legal advice to Canadian spy agencies. ->
  • Editorial: Is there a ‘right to be forgotten’? ->
  • Can Canada's Likely New Privacy Commissioner Be Trusted to Watch the Watchers? ->
  • Privacy experts urge Prime Minister to heed concerns about Bill C-13 and rethink Privacy Commissioner nomination. ->
  • Selection committee preferred another candidate for privacy commissioner, source says. ->
  • Comment: Privacy commission must have Canadians’ confidence. ->

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