News for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

  • Therrien gets committee nod as privacy commish. ->
  • Ne’er-Do-Well News, Volume I. ->
  • Here’s what OpenMedia told key MPs about their Online Spying Bill C-13. ->
  • Cut Off Glassholes’ Wi-Fi With This Google Glass Detector. ->
  • Daniel Therrien urges change to cyber-bullying bill to protect privacy. ->
  • Apps like Whisper and Secret allow people to unburden themselves without revealing names. ->
  • Privacy breach at Scarborough's Rouge Valley hospital involves thousands of new mothers. ->
  • Privacy watchdog nominee balks at Bill C-13. ->
  • New Gmail data shows the rise of backbone email encryption. ->
  • Cyberbullying bill’s police powers need independent review, separate vote: Therrien. ->
  • NDP, Liberals decry process that made Daniel Therrien privacy watchdog. ->
  • Daniel Therrien says he'd divide cyberbullying bill. ->
  • Conservatives reject privacy czar nominee's call to split cyberbullying bill. ->

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