News for Friday, June 6, 2014

  • Privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian files legal motion against Toronto police. News ->
  • They Hack Because They Can. ->
  • Personal data of 8,300 new moms sold to financial firm in hospital security breach. ->
  • Apple refines location privacy in iOS 8 with new 'While Using' option. ->
  • Privacy bill could allow swapping of users’ data without consent, critics say. ->
  • Trust vs. Bribes And The Consumer Privacy Paradox. ->
  • Ontario privacy watchdog takes legal action against Toronto police: Star Exclusive. ->
  • Privacy: Hiding from big data. ->
  • Privacy commissioner attacks Toronto police regarding disclosure of mental health records. ->
  • Rogers opens curtain on warrantless government snooping. ->
  • Privacy breach is a warning for all Ontario hospitals: Editorial. ->
  • Sharp increase in Ottawa blocking release of records, watchdog says. ->
  • TekSavvy, Rogers break silence over government requests for data. ->
  • Is Unauthorized Accessing of Personal Information a Firing Offence or Not? ->

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