News for Thursday, June 12, 2014

  • Supreme Court to release warrantless ISP disclosure decision on Friday. ->
  • Feedly the Victim of DDoS Blackmail. ->
  • CIRA calls on Canadian website owners to help improve .ca security. ->
  • After Heartbleed, We’re Overreacting to Bugs That Aren’t a Big Deal. ->
  • New privacy watchdog says cyberbullying bill needs fixes. ->
  • Security Risks from Remote-Controlled Smart Devices. ->
  • Stronger digital privacy laws don't necessarily help consumers, report claims. ->
  • Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide Explores Journalism in the Internet Age and How Surveillance Undermines Democracy. ->
  • All three parties vow to protect innocent Ontarians from police disclosures. ->
  • Twitter nabs top honours in security, privacy audit. ->
  • 17 Student Groups Pen Open Letters on the Toxicity of Mass Surveillance to Academic Freedom. ->
  • Gmail Bug Could Have Exposed Every User’s Address. ->
  • Why Friday's decision in R v Spencer will be a BIG DEAL for privacy. ->
  • Facebook to show ads based on your browsing history. ->
  • Ontario’s privacy watchdog vows to unearth and deter hospital leaks. ->
  • iOS 8 strikes an unexpected blow against location tracking. ->
  • TweetDeck Hacked—Panic (And Rickrolling) Ensues. ->
  • The Bitcoin App That Could Create a Black Market for Leaked Data. ->
  • Facebook to Let Users Alter Their Ad Profiles. ->
  • An Umbrella in the Hurricane: Apple Limits Mobile Device Location Tracking. ->
  • Why Apple Released a Health App and Platform. ->
  • MAC address randomization joins Apple's heap of iOS 8 privacy improvements. ->

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