News for Thursday, June 19, 2014

  • Conservatives must review privacy bills after top court's ruling, watchdog says. ->
  • Net Neutrality Will Require Us to Shine the Light on Internet Providers. ->
  • B.C. court rules contents of cellphones are private. ->
  • New bus cameras could be used like nanny cams, union warns. ->
  • British Columbia Labour Arbitrator Rules That Video Of Suspicious Sick Leave Was Not Admissible As Evidence. ->
  • Paying People to Infect their Computers. buff.lyTaMgTB ->
  • Access My Info: Guide to find out what telecoms are sharing with Big Brother. ->
  • Henry v Bell Mobility: Another Federal Court case shows PIPEDA damages aren't worth pursuing absent evidence of harm. ->
  • Bill S-4 Passes Senate, Despite Supreme Court Ruling Against Warrantless Access. ->
  • Google Apps for Education mining data to develop targeted ads, experts warn. ->
  • Canadian Court Believes It Has The Right To Censor The Global Internet; Not At All Concerned With Consequences. ->
  • Canadian Study Finds Nearly 60 Percent of Organizations Believe They Can't Stop Data Theft. ->
  • LinkedIn Launches Its First Standalone Job Search App, Privacy Guaranteed. ->
  • Canadian court asserts the right to censor google everywhere. ->
  • Facebook’s Slingshot Challenges Snapchat With ‘Reply To Unlock’. ->

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