News for Thursday, June 26, 2014

  • H. David Edinger: Canadian law trumps the power of Google — and that’s a good thing. ->
  • 37% of Canadian Justice Department fail phishing awareness test. ->
  • Canadian tax info could potentially be accessed by US gov't agencies. ->
  • Brave old world – Panel reviewing access to information hears praise for life before Bill 29. ->
  • CRTC: National Do Not Call List now permanent. ->
  • hitchBOT – Privacy invading hitchhiking robot or fun social experiment? ->
  • Agency cuts amount of time it will retain info on Canadians’ cross-border travel. ->
  • Ann Cavoukian and Christopher Wolf: Sorry, but there’s no online ‘right to be forgotten’ ->
  • A New Wave of Cheap Consumer Drones Could Test Old Canadian Regulations. ->

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